Colored hair dyes. Brand overview

More than a year ago, bright hair dye became a trend . Everything from colored strands to full dyeing of both hair and eyebrows is in fashion. To know more, check out: jazzing hair color

At first I was very skeptical about this. But, putting the goods on the site and selecting pictures, I spent hours reviewing photos with girls with pink, blue, purple heads, and after a while it ceased to seem wild.

And then there was a slight desire to make a bright strand.

This was the beginning!

Slowly, this strand began to increase in size until it absorbed all the hair

Yes, now I am completely pink, and for quite a long time now and there is absolutely no desire to return to the usual brown hair color.During this time, I have tried all the hair dyes that are in the range of our online store. So the idea was born to write this review, perhaps it will be useful to someone when choosing a dye.

Brands and brands

· Let's start with the cheapest one. Crazy Color didn't impress me at all. Despite the beautiful photos on the Internet, the packaging is quite cheap, small, not at all pleasant to the touch, does not close well, and the consumption is high. It gives a cheap (you can't put it another way) color, the quality leaves much to be desired. Washes off quickly.

· Directions quality and packaging (it seems, who cares, but nevertheless at least it is nice to hold in your hands) is better.But not gorgeous. The palette is similar, there are many identical colors with Crazy, but there are others, so it turns out more interesting. However, having tried different options, I will say right away, it is better not to save on such an important matter as hair color.

· Manic Panic and Anticyclonic are about the same notch. Manik is wonderful because it washes off without a trace in just 2-3weeks and gives space for color options. I didn't like it - I painted it differently. The colors are rich and deep, interesting. It is not for nothing that the stars in his native USA advertise him in full. The packaging is good,the consumption is not as large as the previous ones, besides, it can be mixed with other paints or even diluted with hair balm to obtain a pastel shade.

· Anticyclonic pleases with the fact that it stay son the hair for 2-3 months and lies even on unpainted hair. The color enlightened and dyed varies greatly, but still, if you have amber from your color to blond, this is a great option. In addition, it is laminated, which makes the texture of the curls better. But you will not wash it off, so if you are not sure of the choice, it is better to buy Manik Panik.